2.-8. of June 2020


hosted by Ready 2 Connect

Step out of your day-to-day-life, and be part of this top-class mountain retreat.

An adventurous and magical week beyond comparison for personal development and physical and emotional awareness. You will dive into a variety of transforming experiences like meditation, dance, massage – receiving as well as giving, ‚via ferrata‘, breath work, yoga, tantric work and much more; all shaped and supported by the healing and soothing energy of mountain nature.

What ‘Mountain’s Calling’ offers you

7 days and 6 nights at a unique and spectacular location with a team of facilitators, that is as versatile and rich in its teachings as the community we will build together and the unique stories each of you brings along.

Our wide range of offerings for internal growth and physical experiences, will allow the inner and outer adventures to interact. You will experience yourself physically and emotionally in direct response to the elements in a safe space that supports your journey best – as an individual and as a group.

  • step out of your day-to-day life and routine
  • take advantage of the immense wisdom and experience of 4 great facilitators for a whole week
  • go on a hunt inside yourself for sth. you’ve been searching for
  • plant your seed of change on unbiased ground
  • recharge and relax
  • go on great hikes and mountain adventures
  • enjoy almost effortless meditation through the power of nature
  • experience/deepen your knowledge in different massage practices (like the Lomi-Lomi-Massage)
  • FEEL yourself strongly on an energetic, physical and emotional level
  • dance and move your body (with Power of Life, Biodanza, movements out of the Kaizen-Space and dance therapy work)
  • find new territory to explore through elements of personal development work and tantric elements (like Wheel of Consent as well as womens and mens work)
  • be tested by the mountain nature to bring your best game – sometimes that means your strength, at other times your softness and will to flow
  • explore many encounters with yourself, others and nature
  • enjoy the beauty and challenges of a community
Grow beyond you
Pure joy in the community
Meditation & Silence
In the middle of the elements, everything feels much more intense
Fantastic mountain panorama
Massage Workshops on the mountain hut
Swimming in mountain lakes
Pure joy in the community
Grow beyond you
Massage Workshops on the mountain hut
In the middle of the elements, everything feels much more intense
This experience has excelled my expectations. Unimaginable things were allowed to happen – from edgy stone to soft skin.
For me, this was one of the most important weeks of my life.  With an extraordinary experience of community, that touched me deeply and that I wouldn’t want to miss for the world.
Many findings, special encounters, exploring and expanding my limits have shown me: everything is possible.

To feel my power in the feet and legs…and then let this sink in and simply be.
Beauty, where ever I look, enjoyment, pleasure, miracles, humbleness and a good-bye, that was difficult to do.

Underlining it all, is a massive gratitude.

Annegret Z. from Baden-Württemberg

Retreat participant of 2019

Das Seminar hat mir geholfen, stark mit mir selber und wichtigen Themen in Kontakt zu kommen. Den Satz “und gibt es noch etwas, was du tun kannst, damit es dir noch besser geht?” habe ich mitgenommen und verwende ihn so oft!

Der Kontakt zur Natur und die wunderschönen Wanderungen waren wie Medizin für die Seele.

Friederike v. B. aus Hessen

Retreat participant of 2019

Every journey starts with a single step.
Let’s do it together.


Mountain life, like nothing else, certainly stands for „community“ and is lived in a way, we rarely find „on the ground“. We will experience our togetherness and aloneness within a community, so that everyone is seen, is part and can move in his own tempo while the basic needs of the fire burning and food on the table are met by each hand. Everyone with the freedom and responsibility as an individual as much as a group member.
This week will losen up your control, as it is impossible to plan or fix a schedule for outside. Up there we live and rely on mother natures mood to bless us with her approval or displeasure. In the blink of an eye a storm can arise and spring can feel like winter. So, with our large potpourri of possibilities, we practice a free spirit together to flow with what is possible in harmony with nature and your energy this week. As an example, our morning meditation might happen in or around our house or…maybe on the peak of a mountain. Whatever nature hands us this week and the group opens up for.


• for you, if the title „Mountain’s Calling‘ catches you

• for you, if you feel drawn to encounters with yourself, your body, others and the nature of the mountains

• for you, if your soul and mind needs some time off – away from your life at home, from technology, work, business…

• for you, if you are interested in personal development

• for you, if you want to dive even deeper in your self-awareness practice through the direct contact and confrontation with the elements

• for you, if you’re open to be surprised and also for you, if this all sounds new and a little scary


Far off the normal tourism routes around the Achensee region of Tyrol, hidden in a small mountain village, you’ll find our magical home for this week. Like a masterpiece the power and history of this 400-year-old mountain house was brought into the modern age so skillfully and lovingly that you can only marvel at it.

This unique mountain-house combines the simplicity of mountain life with an unusual level of comfort. We eat ’simple‘ and yet royally; get sometimes cooked for and then again care for food as a community.

Many of us experience the physical space of a seminar as an important aspect to open up. There, in our mountain house, where the vastness of a cathedral-like building meets a feeling of safety in cuddly 2, 3 and 4 peoples‘ nests, endless space unfolds to lead us straight, unagitatedly and without distraction to ourselves.

We love this space, where liveliness and silence are equal. An unspoken yet perceptible promise lays in the spirit of this house, that has never let us down to make a change.

v.l.n.r:Sadguna Weiler, Ulrike Pittroff, Ida Burkhardt, Caroline Tübus 


Grown up and developed in a space of Osho and Inner Kaizen mentality, our team brings this spirit into the journey we embark on together. 4 powerful and very versatile facilitators share their wisdom and experience with you: Power of Life, Biodanza, adventure ‚via ferrata‘, massage – receiving as well as giving, meditation, nature work, tantra, breath work, yoga and men and women circles. We offer you to explore this wide range from physical to inner work, accompanied and led by natures’ energy. You don’t need any previous knowledge on any subjects, just an open heart, a curious mind and a little bit of courage to show yourself with whatever brings you here. You are welcome exactly how you are.


Anders als ein Seminarhaus, bei dem Verpflegung, Massageliegen, Matten, Musikanlage, etc. bereits vor Ort sind, hat die “Abgeschiedenheit inmitten der Bergnatur” zurecht ihren Preis und fordert einen hohen logistischen Aufwand und intensive Vorbereitung, all dies bereitzustellen. Die Hüttenbesitzer legen dazu sehr viel wert auf Nachhaltigkeit bei dieser Bereitstellung, auf Nutzung der regionalen Produkte, auf eine hohe Qualität des Seminars und achtsamen Umgang mit diesem besonderen Haus sowie unsere Offenheit für das Einfühlen und Mitgehen der Menschen und Natur dieser Gegend. Dies unterstützen wir vollen Herzens.


Im Seminapreis inkludiert sind:

✓ Kurtaxe  ✓ Unterkunft ✓ Verpflegung für 7 Tage ✓Outdoor Aktivitäten (exkl. Canyoning und Klettersteig)


1.295 EUR
(bis 01.03.2020)

Reguläre Seminargebühr
1.421 EUR


zzgl. zum Berg“aktiv“-Abenteuer
Klettersteig ca. 90-100 Euro
(je nach TeilnehmerAnzahl. inkl. Equipment und Transport)

Eine authentische Berghütte bedarf besonderer Organisation, um unter respektvollem Umgang mit den Ressourcen, ein Seminar wie dieses für euch vorzubereiten.

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